Kunkay - Sportkun Finish Dogs (After exercise)

Kunkay - Sportkun Finish Dogs (After exercise)

The nutritional supplement Sportkun Finish guarantees the correct recovery after physical exercise for your dog. Now in 2.8 kg WOW Size format! If you live with a large dog family and/or need to supplement with Sportkun Finish on an ongoing basis, don't hesitate: this is the container for you!

This supplement is ideal for sporting dogs that practice intermediate or endurance exercise such as canicross, bikejoring, agility or very frequent mushing. Thanks to its active ingredients, it promotes optimal muscle recovery and counteracts the metabolic alterations produced during physical exercise, making your dog always ready to go all out with you!

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Dextrose, egg powder and flavoring by-product (hydrolyzed pork and chicken liver).

Nutritional additives

Vitamins: Vitamin B6 - 120 mg/kg, Vitamin B12 - 0.2 mg/kg, Vitamin C - 800 mg/kg, Calcium D-pantothenate - 300 mg/kg, Vitamin E - 6 500 IU/kg, Niacinamide - 340 mg/kg; Trace elements: Selenium (sodium selenite) - 1.4 mg/kg.

Analytical components

Crude protein 17.45%; Crude fiber 2.87%; Crude fat 14.35%; Crude ash 3.52%

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